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During the Watts riots of the 1960s, the Light Force concept was born out of necessity here in Los Angeles and has been adopted in various places throughout the US. With hundreds of fires burning all over the city and firefighters having projectiles thrown at them while responding, something needed to be done for safety and efficiency. Thus it was found that a 2 piece, 6 man unit was the perfect element for safely handling a majority of calls , even after the riots had long since passed. The Light Force, which has 6 members, can function as either a truck or an engine company on an incident, depending on the operational needs of the incident, since it has both Engine and Truck apparatus and equipment. This gives the department greater flexibility in response and capability since the first in unit can always immediately engage in firefighting efforts regardless of whether it is an Engine or Light Force. The Truck is staffed by a Captain II, Apparatus Operator, and 2 Firefighters (Tiller member and Top Member). The 2 Car that follows it is staffed with an Engineer of that apparatus, plus a Firefighter known as the Inside Member. The Inside member will constantly bounce from inside the Truck and the 2 car depending on the type of call, and personal want.

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In the game, the best use would be only slightly different. Since there are no real roof operations, the game is set up to give you 4 on the Pumper and 2 on the truck to better manage the peculiarities of the game. Most fires and incidents you'll find can be handled by simply dispatching a Light Force. For most small fires, a Light Force is more then enough resources and manpower. A Light Force can handle the majority of fire related calls. If a second call breaks out nearby, you immediately have that 6 man unit to quickly handle it as well instead of having to wait for a truck or engine since you have both.