City Mod

Current Version: 4.3 (public)

This mod is based off of LA 2.1 and has been modded for multiplayer compatibility.

This mod was exclusive to Squad 55, but there have been 3 Public releases of the mod so far.

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The map is a modded version of the default multiplayer map, with  3 Individual districts (East, West, South). Each district is typically managed by 1 player, and the 4th player runs EMS for the city

or in games with police, each district runs their own EMS.

Features Include:

- Working Hospital (with helipad)
- Working Police Station (prisoner transfer and 8 parking spots)
- 7 Working Fire/EMS Stations (complete with to base function, and staff room for personnel when not on calls)
- Additional calls & customized call volumes
- New Engine, Patrol cars, and ambulance model
- Every unit has their own skin, so you can tell Medic 1, from Medic 4 etc.
- Brand new LED lighting for every unit
- Units drive traffic speed when not responding to a call (flashing lights not active)
- Modified map texture, including street names
- Modified building layout (removed lots of wooded areas and added more structures)
- Customized water flow rates for added realism
- Installer for easy, almost fool proof install
- Actively releasing new patches to keep the game fun and functional
- New MVC's
- New skins for firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, hazmat personnel, EMS supervisor, Battalion chief, stretcher teams, stretcher
Thanks very much to Hoppah for a great base mod to start with. Also thanks to Cosres for some skinning, Reddfoxx for some scripting, and ausavin26/nnico's for the 2012 Charger Model
All changes on top of what these wonderful people have provided for this mod have been done by Blackout, with some help from Squad 55 members

Here's a video: