This mod is a submod of the LA Mod. The point is to play the roll of a commander of a big city fire department with the missions for police cut off ( Can be cut back on individually )It has 5 fire stations, A police station, The tech building, and hospital!There are multiple changes to where this mod is a mod all in its self! The mod is fully multiplayer compatible with working To Station / Hospital Scripts.Edit


1. Ladders will not park correctly if bay doors on front of the stations are not open!

2. Ambulances at station one sometimes get stuck out side the stations and have to be sent to the station again!

3. Squad 10 from time to time gets hung up on the light poll in front of the station!

4. Mini Map dose not have the stations on it or number yet!

Unit Arrangement (Freeplay)Edit

Station 1 = Engine 10, Engine 210, Ladder 10, USAR 3, Ambulances 10 - 310

Station 2 = Engine 51, Ladder 51, Ambulance 51

Station 3 = Engine 50 (USFS), Brush 51, EMS Supervisor

Station 4 = Engine 236, Battalion Chief, Ambulance 410