200px-Emergency 3 Cover Art

Emergnecy 3: Mission Life is third game from Emergency series. Developed by Sixteen Tons Entertainment. This game was first in the series using the 3D Engine. Also the game is also the first to feature a mission editor and supports modding. Released: January 21, 2005. It has 20 interesting missions. The game is set on generic Western location.

Missions Edit

1. A Road Accident Near The Construction Site

2. Stud Farm On Fire

3. Traffic Check

4. Illegal Road Race

5. Multiple Crash

6. An Accident While Bungee Jumping

7. A Tanker crashes into a House

8. Collapse of an Adventure Waterpark

9. Avalanche Disaster

10. Violent Demonstration

11. Bomb scare in the cinema

12. Crash of a military test aircraft

13. A Train is about to ram into the station concourse

14. A Sniper threatens the town

15. Gale Front

16. Demolishing a high rise building

17. Derailment of a train

18. Explosion in a chemical factory

19. Climatic upheavals

20. Terrorist attack: Dirty Bomb